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Landscape Architecture & Design

Registered in PA & NJ, InFocus Planning provides professional design services for all types of project sites including commercial, institutional, residential and industrial properties.

Land Planning/ Sketch Plan Preparation

InFocus Planning will review municipal codes to determine use and feasibility of a project site.  Once use and feasibility is determined, a sketch plan can be developed to illustrate design intent for a project site.

Site Lighting Design

Safety at night is imperative for a successful design.  InFocus Planning provides parking lot, pedestrian scale and overall site lighting for all your project needs.

Plan Renderings & Presentation Materials

InFocus Planning can assist in preparing colorful plans to make your project pop when presenting to Township Boards and clients.

Expert Testimony

InFocus Planning has appeared before numerous municipalities to provide expert opinion and support client’s land development needs.

Stormwater Best Management Practices

InFocus Planning provides landscape design services consistent with local stormwater management requirements to provide effective and aesthetic stormwater solutions.